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Our Mission

Our first responsibility is to our customers. When our customers succeed, we succeed. Whether our job is at the point of sale or far removed, we realize our actions will in some way affect our customers. We will continually strive to improve the sense of common purpose and mutual trust we share with our customers.

Our second responsibility is to each other. It's up to each of us to help provide a stimulating and rewarding work environment, to treat each other with respect, to foster open and honest communications, and to encourage each other to continue to develop valuable skills and to achieve our career aspirations.

Our third responsibility is to our strategic partners. We will treat our representatives, distributors, suppliers, and business partners as we treat each other, as members of our team.

Our final responsibility is to our investors. We will provide a fair and satisfactory financial return to our investors, and we realize that those financial returns depend entirely on our success with our customers, with each other, and with our strategic partners.

Meet the President

Hi, I'm Phil Harris

Thank you for visiting the QuadTech the PresidentWebSite. We are very proud of our GenRad heritage and an 80 year history of providing quality products and services worldwide. However, our focus - now and in the future - is on the customer.

Most companies today talk about the importance of the customer. At QuadTech we strive to go one step beyond this. Our mission at QuadTech is to do everything in our power to make the customer successful. As a minimum, this means that we must REALLY work to understand our customers – their goals, plans, problems and requirements.

Because we want to develop long-term relationships with our customers, it is vitally important that they be totally and completely satisfied with the products and services they receive from QuadTech. That is why several years ago we introduced the 45 day money back guarantee, which is a rare offering in our industry. If any of our customers are unhappy with their QuadTech product, for any reason, we will take it back and refund the money.

At QuadTech we continue to invest heavily in our technology to better support our customers, employees and sales channels. However, nothing can or should replace personal communication with the customer. Our customers have told me that our employees are very responsive, qualified and eager to help. This certainly applies to our application engineers, but we believe that all of our employees and field reps are continually attempting to "make the customer successful." "I would like you to meet some of the many helpful people who are here to serve you. Please read on. . ."

The Faces Of QuadTech

Norm Poitras, Senior Service Technician


I'm Norm Poitras, Senior Service Technician at QuadTech. I have been with QuadTech and GenRad for more than twenty years. I have an in-depth knowledge of many QuadTech and GenRad instruments but my primary responsibility is servicing the needs of our DigiBridge RLC meter customers. I manufacture new DigiBridge meters and if you return your old DigiBridge to QuadTech for service chances are pretty good it will pass across my bench. You can be sure that I will do everything I can to repair and calibrate your instrument with the highest quality standards in mind. When I am not keeping the DigiBridge line running smoothly I enjoy reading and fishing. I recently enjoyed a trip to Montana in search of salmon and trout.

Peter Bannon, National Sales Manager

Hi! I'm Peter Bannon, National Sales Peter BannonManager for QuadTech. I have been with QuadTech since 1991 and was with GenRad for 8 years prior to that. I have been selling the QuadTech and GenRad product lines for a long time and have met and spoken with thousands of customers over the years. I have always enjoyed talking with people about their applications and instrumentation needs.

When I'm not pounding the pavement or the phone lines for QuadTech I enjoy pounding tennis balls and golf balls and playing with my new son, Patrick. I am here to help you in any way that I can. If QuadTech doesn't have the product to satisfy your needs I probably know someone who does, so please feel free to call me anytime or drop me an Email message at pbannon@quadtechnic.com. Thanks for visiting our Web site!

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