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Electrical Safety Test And Precision Impedance Measurement Instruments

Tab Bar Technical Equipment QuadTech was founded in 1991 with the acquisition of the GenRad Precision Instrument Product Line. Our mission is to manufacture low frequency, high accuracy impedance measurement instruments that meet the needs of our customers while maintaining the fine reputation for high quality earned by early GenRad instruments.

We recently added four new safety testers to our Sentry and Guardian lines bringing the total electrical safety test product offering to nine

QuadTech also recently introduced the next generation of LCR meters, the 7000 Series, which sets new performance standards for precision impedance measurement. We have also added digital Megohmmeters, a Milliohmmeter and Hipot/Dielectric Analyzer instruments to our test instrument family.

We are dedicated to making your work life easier, more productive and thus more successful. We pride ourself in striving to provide the best after-sale service in the business.

QuadTech's advanced technology offers solutions for a wide variety of measurements in commercial, industrial and military applications.

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